A Farewell to Snark

To the goodly people who read Trips Ahoy,

I don’t know if you noticed, but this blog is full of me griping about how hard everything is. So annoying. The truth is; it’s just more entertaining to make fun of the dark side of parenting instead of focusing on the stupid bright side from time to time.

Part of that bright side—in addition to all the adorable guys I get to live with and use as fodder for mockery—is you. This blog, as inconsistent as it is in so many ways, has been a much-needed outlet for me during two extremely difficult years. Kids take over so much of your life that sometimes it feels like your whole identity has been jettisoned and you’re now just a set of appendages with a mouth that only shouts, “No!”

Along with all the joy that comes with having a baby (or three) comes the mourning over the loss of who you were before. At least that’s true for me. So the few hours late at night that I spend up in bed, typing out all my ridiculous thoughts, have allowed me to reclaim a space in my life that’s just for me. It has made me a lot happier, which in turn has made it easier for to survive the exhaustion and the monotony of triplet toddlerdom, and easier to enjoy all the fun parts, too. I think it has really saved my ass, and that is not a joke.

I can’t even express how much it means that you read my blog and “like” my posts and leave such kind and encouraging comments. The fact that you are taking a moment out of your own busy life to make me feel like more than just a bedraggled mom has a ripple effect that extends out to Matt, and Jem and Bran and Finn and beyond. You don’t even know.

I’ve been in the writing business for 13 years now, but this blog is the first time I’ve written for myself. I know I am still working out the kinks. I know I post totally unpolished, unfunny stuff that is cringe-inducing. But it’s part of the process and I’m working on getting better and improving my dud-to-zinger ratio.

Thank you for bearing with me this far. I’m making a promise to you and me to write more, write better and eventually become the best writer in the entire universe! Or, at the minimum, someone who you really enjoy reading.

Big hugs. Now back to the sarcasm!

16 thoughts on “A Farewell to Snark

  1. I always enjoy your writing and – you are the best writer in the entire universe! Your work always leaves me smiling and sometimes with a tear in my eye. You know just how to mix the salty with the sweet. Please keep them coming! Love you!

    • Sorry I don’t comment more often – or even click the “Like” button – but I really really really enjoy your postings – and I appreciate how well you express your personal experiences with the good, the bad and the ugly parts of child rearing. Just wait …. they are not always adorable! But they are always your babies and thus, the most wonderful, beautiful people in the whole wide world (except for maybe for your own grandma).

    • Don’t even think about giving up your “snarkness”….I have laughed so loud at times with some of the doings of Jem, Bran, and Finn and of course you and Matt. Keep them coming girl!!!

  2. I love reading your blog! I can fully relate to feelings of losing your own identity. I’ve been a mommy for almost 8 years and it’s been a process, sometimes bumpy, to find or recreate my new identity. Thanks for sharing your life!

  3. I wanted to let you know how much I love, and can relate to, your blog. I am an East Coast mom to triplet boys – now 6 years old. I remember so many of the same experiences. I wish I could tell you “it will get easier” like everyone always used to say to me. What I can say is that it will be different – not necessarily easier. I started a small business for many of the same reasons you blog. I had to do something that did not relate to laundry, vomit and poop! All the best and keep writing. I am always so excited to read your posts!!

  4. You are a great writer and we all enjoy your blog.
    From a Mom whose kids are all grown up now, cherish every minute because they grow up way to fast and then move out! Time with little children goes by way too fast, even if you lose a bit of yourself, when they are gone, you will wish they were still there with you!!! Enjoy the noise, and the excitement now because the silence is deafening!!

  5. We love you immeasurably, and are so very proud of how you have handled these awesome responsibilities! You are amazing, you are incredible, you are a one-and-only, and for you, we will always be grateful! Thank you Kate, for your miraculous contributions to our lives! ❤️❤️❤️
    PS – You’re also one hell of a good writer – I love your posts!

  6. Don’t change a thing. I share your blogs with my friends and co-workers and you put big smiles on our faces and make us laugh out loud. The world needs more of that! We are proud of you….keep that sarcasm and snarkiness coming! XXOO

  7. Ha! I wandered over on a tip from a friend who said we blogged about the same thing on the same day. LOVE.IT.
    I adore your writing! Way to go mama! I Don’t have triplets, though I do have twins with a sister just 15 months older (as well as 2 other children) so maybe I could be an honorary tripmama?

  8. I always look forward to reading your posts, whenever you can post them. They are so funny & smart, well-done & full of truth. I love, love, love them just the way they are. Keep ’em coming, mama, whenever you can.

  9. It would be way too embarrassing for me to reveal my identity, but I just have to tell you that your blog is awesome. You are hilarious and talented.

  10. Kate you rock! And are admirable and inspiring and funny and all that other bull shit. Keep up the good work lady. Peace.

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