Two weeks ago during my ultrasound, I asked the perinatologist when I would start looking crazy. She told me it would probably happen around week 28. Sure enough, I am ridiculous. No part of me has grown except my belly, which instead of curving elegantly around my offspring, juts out sharply as if it’s trying to run away from the rest of my body.

Matt now refers to me as his big lady, which is not my favorite pet name of all time, but I can’t argue that it’s not true. Matt’s big lady keeps forgetting her girth, accidentally smacking her belly on the corners of tables, dogs, and random people. Matt’s big lady is just a mess.

But one thing Matt’s big lady doesn’t mind is when people touch her belly. I know it feels violating to some pregnant women, but if someone approaches me with kindness and interest and not repulsion, my response is, “Get in there!” In fact, I am probably the one doing the violating. Every time a triplet rolls over or changes position, I grab the person nearest to me and put their hand on my belly to feel. I will probably end up getting maced before this is over.

At our ultrasound, we learn that Trip B is in the “frank breech” position, which basically means he’s butt down with his legs up by his ears. (Incidentally, Frank Breech is now at the top of our list for baby names.) Since the beginning, Trip B has been our little troublemaker. His butt is sitting on Trip A’s head and his feet are in Trip C’s face. But while Trip C, sitting in his bachelor pad, can wiggle out of the way, Trip A is wedged into place. Matt and I decide he’ll be the first kid to get his own room once this is all over.

We get some new 3D ultrasound pics before we leave. Trip B is facing away, and Trip A has a butt in his face, so the only one we can really see is Trip C. He’s lost the melting grandfather look and has lips! Progress is being made!

It’s exciting to hit the 28 week milestone, but I’ve got my eyes on week 30. Fingers crossed my gut doesn’t explode before then.

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