Matt comes from a modern family that includes three very loving sets of parents. Over St. Patrick’s Day we got together with his mother, K.B., and stepdad, G (they have real names but we go by the letters), at Matt’s brother’s house for a lovely baby shower where we scored some much-needed money and killer bric-a-brac for the boys. I ate my weight in lasagna and a delicious Smurf cake that Matt’s niece, Addison, art directed. Needless to say, it was a good time.

This weekend, Matt’s other mom, Judi, and her husband, Ed, threw us another humdinger of a baby shower at their home in Springfield. We had family come in from all over — New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas — just to shock and awe us with a million amazing gifts.

A couple shout-outs are in order. First, to Judi, who graciously opened her beautiful home to several generations of family members, including my three-year old niece who secretly helped herself to some white sangria, staggered around for 20 minutes, and told us all how much she liked that “sweet lemonade.”

Second, to my sister, Gillian, who flew into town from Texas with her adorable fat baby and didn’t complain when all I could do was lay on the sofa griping about cramps like a less adorable fat baby.

Third, to my sister, Cean, who gifted the triplets a stuffed animal ring toy that looked suspiciously like a plush green dildo, giving our shower an NC-17 rating.

Fourth, to Matt’s step-sister Alyssa who presented me with a kit to test the alcohol content of my breast milk, as well as a pair of wine glass “sippy cups” (in addition to bunch of other hilarious gifts). Mama like.

Fifth, to Matt’s aunts Kathy and Nancy, who have purchased us everything baby-related in the universe. I especially loved the Billy Bob Teeth pacifiers. I don’t think you can have a bad day when your child is wearing one of these.

Sixth, to Matt’s dad J.P. and stepmom, Deva, who baked us a cake that would make Buddy Valastro hang his head in shame.

Seventh, to the Fergusons, longtime family friends, who catered the whole event and didn’t judge when I filled my cheeks with pigs-in-blankets and scuttled off into a corner with a plate of cheese like a rat.

Then of course, there were all the presents from our registry, beautiful handcrafted items, and enough money and gift certificates to keep these kids in diapers for quite some time.

People tell us that we won the baby lottery, and it’s true. But long before that happened, we won the family lottery. The amount of generosity, support, and love that we’ve received from our families is just overwhelming. These triplets would be wearing burlap sacks and fighting over a can of beans if our kinfolk hadn’t stepped in to help us out.

It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a few villages to raise three. Matt and I were lucky enough to get the world’s best village people for our young men.

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