This week’s topic is gratefulness. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own little dramas and forget that there are people out there who have problems bigger than losing a pound or having a placenta with a face.

When Matt and I were struggling to have kids, I would listen to parents complain about how hard it was to be pregnant and/or raise a child. “If I ever get pregnant I am going to be grateful every day, even if my kid is smearing poop all over the walls,” I’d think to myself, “I’m not going to sweat the small stuff.”

That, of course, is an impossible dream. I don’t even have a kid smearing poop on my walls yet (and if I ever do, you can bet you’re going to hear about it), and I’ve already reneged on my promise to not complain. I’ve publicly griped about being tired, having a sore back, and looking like a swamp biscuit — forgetting all about those women who can’t get pregnant no matter how hard they try.

I know that we can’t always put our grievances aside and think about how other people have it much worse. It’s only natural to need to vent about your own stuff, even if it’s small potatoes compared to someone else’s. Still, it’s important to pause the complaining every now and then and put a little gratitude out there instead.

This month has brought a lot of bad news for good people around us. We have friends who were pregnant lose their baby. We have friends undergoing multiple rounds of fertility treatments, having to absorb disappointing results over and over. We have friends with a young daughter gravely ill with a rare form of cancer, facing a heart-wrenching prognosis.

In the spirit of being grateful, I’d like to send a big thank you out to the universe for every gift and challenge it has sent our way over the past six months. We have been very, very lucky.

If you feel like life’s been good to you and want to do something for someone else, I invite you to help out the amazing Reese and her family with a donation or just some words of comfort and support.

In conclusion, I told my sister, Cean, that I needed an illustration of kids misbehaving for this post, and she drew a baby eating a rat. Cean, I am also grateful to have you as a twisted sister.

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