Our best buds threw us a co-ed baby shower this week. It was a perfect party — lots of good friends and cute kids, a ton of food and booze, and a pile of presents.

To keep folks entertained, our friend Erin came up with some great games. First we identified celebrity babies (I am ashamed to admit I won this game), then we identified songs with the word “baby” in them. But my favorite game was “Matt or Kate?” Our family supplied stories from our youth, Erin removed our names, and friends had to guess who did what. Let’s see how well you do:

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This week’s topic is gratefulness. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own little dramas and forget that there are people out there who have problems bigger than losing a pound or having a placenta with a face.

When Matt and I were struggling to have kids, I would listen to parents complain about how hard it was to be pregnant and/or raise a child. “If I ever get pregnant I am going to be grateful every day, even if my kid is smearing poop all over the walls,” I’d think to myself, “I’m not going to sweat the small stuff.”

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When it comes to gestating triplets, my job is simple. Eat well and often. Rest as much as possible. Drink a ton of water. Take vitamins. Avoid stress.

This week I did the exact opposite. Here’s what happened. Back in September I merged a business I co-owned right around the same time Matt and I began IVF. Both were risky ventures, but the potential payoff was worth it. We ended up maximizing our investment with IVF — three babies for the price of one. But with the new company, the growing pains were more intense.

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Ultrasound technology is amazing. It allows us the rare privilege to spy on our children in utero before they can yell at us to give them their privacy. Matt and I are lucky to get ultrasounds every two weeks now — one of the few perks of having a high risk pregnancy. Thus far, ultrasound reconnaissance has shown us healthy heartbeats, ample amniotic fluid, kicking legs, tiny spines, and itty bitty weiners. With so many unknown factors swirling about this pregnancy, it’s a relief to be able to peek in periodically and see that everyone’s doing OK.

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This was a big week. We’re technically at the halfway mark, but I’m likely more than halfway done cooking these kids up. A uterus can only stretch so far before all hell breaks loose. For awhile I was afraid I didn’t look pregnant enough for someone having triplets. Then I watched the Beyonce documentary “Life is But a Dream” on HBO. At one point, BK turns to the side to show the camera her tiny 20 week baby bump and says something like, “There’s no hiding this!” I cringe. I have been hiding much worse than that for years. When I look at my naked torso in the mirror now, I see something that looks like a giant Homer Simpson face.

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