It’s time to introduce you to our dogs. We have two six year-old Brussels Griffons named Mr. Mustachio (Stache) and Gladys. We adopted them when we lived in Brooklyn, and in the years since they have brought us a lot of joy and farts. I had been a fan of the breed since the movie “As Good As It Gets” came out. If I had a bad day at work, I’d come home, pour a glass of wine, and look at pictures of griffons on the internet. Those little monkey faces with the underbites, wall eyes, and beards never failed to cheer me up. I also loved their genealogy. Some dogs were bred to hunt lions, some to lead the blind — the Brussels Griffon was bred to entertain taxi passengers in Belgium. Ridiculous.

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When I was younger, I used to sneak into my parent’s bedroom closet and look at all the Christmas presents my mom hadn’t wrapped yet. It was a pretty crappy thing to do, but I’ve always had a problem with patience. I knew if I ever got pregnant, I’d be finding out the gender as soon as I could. Matt was cool with it. Besides, the both of us reasoned, we had already had our share of surprises.

After conducting scientific research (also known as reading the message boards on BabyCenter.com) I discovered that you could tell gender as early as week 12, even though most people don’t find out until their 20 week ultrasound. Since we’re getting an ultrasound today at 13 weeks, I’m hoping we get an answer on what kind of genitals are being cooked up in there.  Continue reading


Is it just me, or is every celebrity suddenly pregnant? Fergie Ferg, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry — our pelvises have so much in common these days.

However, my true pregnancy doppelganger is Kate Middleton. You’d have to be a real dum dum not to notice the similarities: We’re both named Kate, we’re both adored by the Brits, we both have a tasteful collection of fascinators that we like to wear to orphanages and polo matches …

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Today I’m meeting with a genetic counselor. She’s a perfectly nice woman with the unfortunate job of being a total buzzkill. Basically she has to tell me about everything that could go wrong genetically with our children due to my advanced age and the fact that Matt and I dabbled in the dark art of reproductive science instead of letting nature do its thing. Oh, and since we’re having triplets, that triples our risk for everything.  Continue reading