After six weeks of biting our tongues and sitting on our hands, then biting our hands and sitting on our tongues, it’s finally time to tell Matt’s family the big news. To spice up the reveal, we’ve used Blurb.com to create a book called “Things We Learned From Our Parents.” Basically it’s just a collection of family stories with funny pictures. The last page reads, “Coming Summer 2013: Things We Learned From Our Grandparents” with an ultrasound photo of the trips. We make copies of the book for Matt’s mom, Judi, and her husband, Ed; Matt’s dad, J.P., and his wife, Deva; and Matt’s aunt Kathy and her partner, Nancy.

On Christmas Eve, after everyone’s had enough booze to be jolly but not enough to be crosseyed, we present the book. They laugh at the photos and take turns retelling the stories. It’s a hit. Then, when they come to the last page, this happens …

(That’s Matt’s sister, Katelyn, handing the camera and providing the laugh track.)

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