It’s Monday and finally time for our first ultrasound. This morning we’re finding out if one or both of our embryos has taken root. But more importantly, we’re looking for a heartbeat. Just one little blinking light that will tell us there’s life on Mars.

We get to the examination room at the fertility clinic, I drop trou as usual, and our doctor begins the ultrasound. Almost immediately he says, “Looks like you have two in there!” Yes! I glance over at Matt and am relieved to see that he’s smiling. “Wow,” he says. “Oh, man.” We peer at the two blinking heartbeats, like tiny SOS signals from a distant planet. It’s pretty incredible. Our doctor is a little concerned that one embryo seems smaller than the other, so he asks us to come back the next week to check his/her/its progress. No problem. 

We leave the appointment giddy with excitement and treat ourselves to some grub at Panera (no one can accuse me and Matt of not knowing how to celebrate a thing). My food aversion has started to rear its ugly head, but thankfully it doesn’t extend to everything bagels and cream cheese.

I’m happy as a clam. A clam with two pearls and a bagel inside it. Could life get any better?

Eh … it could definitely get weirder.

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