After six weeks of biting our tongues and sitting on our hands, then biting our hands and sitting on our tongues, it’s finally time to tell Matt’s family the big news. To spice up the reveal, we’ve used Blurb.com to create a book called “Things We Learned From Our Parents.” Basically it’s just a collection of family stories with funny pictures. The last page reads, “Coming Summer 2013: Things We Learned From Our Grandparents” with an ultrasound photo of the trips. We make copies of the book for Matt’s mom, Judi, and her husband, Ed; Matt’s dad, J.P., and his wife, Deva; and Matt’s aunt Kathy and her partner, Nancy. Continue reading



Here’s a tip for people expecting triplets. Don’t google “tips for triplets” as I did. One of the first websites that comes up is a very tragic blog written by a father whose triplet boys were born prematurely and did not survive. Unbeknownst to me, Matt had stumbled upon the exact same site on his own and had kept his fingers crossed that I wouldn’t find it. We were both looking for information to help us plan for triplets, but end up reading, horrified, about the worst thing that can happen in our situation.

I feel awful for the couple, and scared for us. So much has to go right to bring a baby into the world, let alone three babies. But playing the “what if” game is a surefire way to give yourself an ulcer, so I try to focus on happier things, like the fact that it’s Christmastime and we’re having a parrrrrtttyyyyy (said in Oprah voice).  Continue reading


We’re back full circle, where this blog first began. Matt and I have been notified that we’re having triplets, not twins. Apparently one of the eggs we transferred decided to split in two and turn our world upside down. Matt and I giggle and chatter nervously through the appointment, but as soon as we’re alone in the elevator on the way out, the dread sets in. I start crying. “Triplets are weird,” I sob to Matt. “They freak me out.”

It may seem ridiculous that I was excited about twins but horrified by triplets, but here’s the thing: Triplets are the tipping point between controlled and uncontrolled chaos. Suddenly Matt and I are outnumbered, with not enough arms and boobs to go around, not enough money in the bank account for a party of five, and a much riskier road ahead of us.  Continue reading


It’s Monday and finally time for our first ultrasound. This morning we’re finding out if one or both of our embryos has taken root. But more importantly, we’re looking for a heartbeat. Just one little blinking light that will tell us there’s life on Mars.

We get to the examination room at the fertility clinic, I drop trou as usual, and our doctor begins the ultrasound. Almost immediately he says, “Looks like you have two in there!” Yes! I glance over at Matt and am relieved to see that he’s smiling. “Wow,” he says. “Oh, man.” We peer at the two blinking heartbeats, like tiny SOS signals from a distant planet. It’s pretty incredible. Our doctor is a little concerned that one embryo seems smaller than the other, so he asks us to come back the next week to check his/her/its progress. No problem.  Continue reading